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Zalal Mowafaq

Industrial C0. LTD


  • support: +93 (0)700 453 000
  • Saturday to Thursday: 08:00am - 07:00pm

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Zalal Mowafaq is an Afghan beverage corporation, manufacturer and retailer established in 2002 and headquartered in Herat. ZALAL was Zalal Mowafaq's first attempt to develop mineral water soft drink. Zalal Mowafaq is best known for ZALAL mineral water, ZAM ZAM, ZAMAROD,JUICY and MANI soft drink products. Zalal Mowafaq is certified by ISO (9001), HACCP and licensed by Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA).


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Location West side of Falaka e 29 Hamal, Herat, Afghanistan

Cell-phone +93 (0)700 453 000

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