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Zalal Mowafaq

Industrial C0. LTD


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Zalal Mowafaq industrial Co. pursues the following goals:

  • - Excellence in quality
  • - Excellence in market share
  • - Excellence in diversity
  • - Dominating domestic markets
  • - Relying on distinctive competitive advantage
  • - Leading Non-alcoholic beverages markets
  • - Brand promotion in international markets
  • - Using latest technologies and modern techniques

Superiority in quality

One of the objectives and strategies that Zalal Mowafaq follows, is superiority in quality. For precise control on production and quality of the products in each of the manufacturing factories (Mineral Water, Carbonated drinks, Juice) and the factories with more production amount, there is a quality control laboratory at the end of each production line which by conducting various physical and chemical tests as per intercalation standards and also the standards set by Ministry of Health, examine the quality of raw materials in different periods during the production process and also the final product. It is worth noting that all the operations affective on the product quality including refinery, softeners, bottle washing machines, CO2 gas production factory, etc. are controlled as per standards and the authenticity of the pertinent operations are certified. Also in order to see if there are any external objects in the manufactured products all bottle drinks are controlled by electronic sensors. Furthermore, Zalal Mowafaq has managed to obtain ISO 9001,and HACCP Certificates at the present time.

Superiority in market share

The following issues have led to the dominance of Zalal Mowafaq in the markets all around the country:

  • - Accessing new markets
  • - Developing activities on the existing markets
  • - Increasing the production capacity
  • - Optimizing and developing sale and marketing systems
  • - Developing activities overseas regarding production export
  • - Employing the most advanced and recent technology of the world

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